Some important JavaScript core concepts that we use………


This is a method that is use to make a string value to all lower case item..


This is a method that is use for turn all the string to uppercase ,reither it is uppercase or not


This method removes the whitespaces from both sides of a string


This method check the character that ends with the same character of a string or not


This fuction return the absolute value of a number,like this


This function return the biggest integar less than or equal to a given number


The function returns the highest valued number passes into it


This function returns the lowest valued number …and if any parameter is not a number then it converted into one


This function returns the value of a number rounded to a nearest integer


This method is used to merge two or more arrays .in this method we can add two or more array together in a single array ..and we get a new array after merged these arrays


This method is used for join an element in a single array …the element would be comma ,semi colon ,hyphen e.t.c … by using the join method ..we can make a new string by concatenating all of the element of an array


This method is used to remove the last item from an array and return it …


This method is used for add an item to the end position of an array and return the whole array in to it.. and return the new length array

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